How Much Do You Know about The Young and the Restless?

The Young and The Restless is one of America's longest running and most beloved soap operas. Beginning its successful run in 1973, it has spawned decades of 
family feuds, sizzling affairs, and big business intrigue. Whether it is the infamous Abbott/Chancellor feud or the steamy Foster-Brooks love triangle, The Young and 
The Restless has never been short on drama.  How much do you know about these bold characters and their lusty escapades?  Answer the following questions to 
rate your Y & R smarts!

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Question 1/10
What was the working title of The Young and The Restless, obviously changed before production began?
The Innocent Years
Where The Heart Is
All Is Fair
Measures of Love
Question 2/10
At the start of the series, what was Jill Foster Abbott's occupation?
Ad Executive
Fashion Designer
Question 3/10
What was Rex Sterling’s real name?
Charles Cooper
William Bessent
Danny Romalotti
Stella Kingston
Question 4/10
The actress Kate Linder has portrayed the role of the housekeeper, Esther Valentine, since 1982. Throughout her time with Y& R, Linder has always maintained a second career.  What is that career?
Hand Model
Flight Attendant
Personal Trainer
Question 5/10
What does The Jabot Company produce?
Designer Fashions
Medical Supplies
Question 6/10
What is the formal title of the theme from The Young and The Restless?
Moonlight Dreams
Nadia's Theme
Colors of Love
Hope's Hope
Question 7/10
Which family has not been a part of the Y & R legacy over the years??
Dominguez Family
Baldwin Family
McCAll Family
Fenmore Family
Question 8/10
Which member of the house staff did Katherine Chancellor have an illicit affair with??
Pool Boy
Stable Boy
Question 9/10
What is the name of Jabot's biggest competitor??
Newman Industries
Newman Enterprises
Newman Incorporated
Newman and Company
Question 10/10
How many Emmy awards has The Young and The Restless won??
Young and The Restless Super Fan!
When it comes to Y & R you know it all! You've got the 70's, 80's, 90's, and 2000's all on lockdown! Need to know something about the Abbott's? Just ask you.  How about the Baldwin's?  You've got that covered, too. When it comes to Y&R  trivia, you could go toe to toe with the best of 'em and come out on top!
Unofficial Genoa City Resident!
If you ever lose your day job, I'm sure they'd be happy to hire you on at Jabot Cosmetics. You know enough about Y & R to move to Genoa City, Wisconsin and marry into one of the many Y&R families. So, take your pick--will you be an Abbott or a Brooks?  You know enough about everyone to be a great addition!
Young and The Restless Savvy!
Your Y&R knowledge is pretty impressive. It's tough keeping all of those big, brash, families and saucy love affairs straight, but you manage to do it. You've kept up with the Abbotts over the years and it shows.  So you may have skipped an episode or two, you still know your stuff!
Some Y & R Smarts!
Even though you might find it tough to keep all of those storylines straight, you still get a lump in your throat every time you hear the first few notes of that haunting Y&R theme song. So you can't keep up with who is chasing who, or what business is on top this week--big deal! You love the show and that is what counts!
Young and The Restless on Your Radar!
You may have caught one or two episodes over the years, but you were probably checking out the amazing looking actors instead of the storyline. There are ?lots of families to follow with tons of plot twists and turns. Hey-it's easier to just tune out all the drama and focus on the eye candy.
Young and The What?
You really aren't even certain what The Young and Restless is.  Is this a new show or something your great-grandparents may have watched?  It doesn't really ?matter anyway, you aren't about to become a fan any time in the near future. You'd rather just stay tuned out.

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