Can You Pass This Bandstand Trivia Test?

Do you think you know all the songs from bandstand? Do you think you could pass? Try and test your knowledge with the quiz all about American BandStand!

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Question 1/10
What was the first record ever played on Bandstand?
The Twist
She Loves You
Whole Lotta Shaking Goin
Question 2/10
Who holds the record for Bandstand appearances?
Duane Eddy
Freddie Cannon
Jerry Lee Lewis
Question 3/10
How many times did the person from the previous question, appear on this show?
Question 4/10
Who one of the few acts that never appeared on the show?
Jerry Lee Lewis
Elvis Presley
Question 5/10
What score did “She Loves You” receive on Rate-A-Record?
Question 6/10
When did Prince make his debut on the show?
October 1982
January 1980
April 1980
Question 7/10
On November 22, 1957, what musical guest preformed?
Simon & Garfunkle
The Jackson 5
The Everly Brothers
Question 8/10
Which performer was the only one who did not lip-synch?
B.B. King
George Michael
Gene Vincent
Question 9/10
Who were the first guests to appear on the show?
The Beach Boys
Billy Williams and the Chordettes
John Mellencamp
Question 10/10
Which song was the last ever played on the show?
Shattered Glass
Space Race
The Twist
You know your trivia perfectly well! No one can challenge you to a trivia test on Bandstand because you will wipe the floor with them.
Pretty Well!
You may not be able to wipe someone in a head to head battle about Bandstand trivia, but you know your trivia pretty well to pass.
Decently Well!
You are not a pro when it comes to Bandstand trivia but you could do decently well in a head to head battle about the trivia.

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