Which X-Factor Judge Are You?

Do you disagree with Simon or think he is a talent genius? Is Paula way off the mark or right on target? Does Britney know her stuff or is she just another pretty face? Everyone knows the best part about watching The X-Factor is judging the judges. It's your turn to see how you stack up. Answer the following questions to determine which X-Factor judge you are! Don't worry--we won't judge!

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Question 1/10
A beautiful blond who can't carry a tune in a bucket has finished her audition. How do your react?
Compliment her outfit, tell her how fantastic she is and avoid the minor detail of her horrible singing voice
Ask her to please repeat the audition, you weren't really paying attention
Roll your eyes in disgust and liken her voice to that of a dying cat
Empathize by telling her that you know how she feels because you've had a similar experience
Question 2/10
You've just auditioned a fantastic singer who, unfortunately, isn't much to look at? What do you say to the auditionee?
Let them know, in no uncertain terms, they will never be accepted in Hollywood because of their unfortunate face
Let them go through anyway, with your reputation and connections you can make anyone into a star
Empower them! Then tell them a similar story from your background and how you overcame it
Sorry, looks are that really matter. How do you think you got where you are?
Question 3/10
You are between auditions and you've got a little down time. How do you spend the spare minutes?
Shredding a few more holes in your black leather leggings
On the cellphone, trying to lock in another potential superstar recording artist
Huh? A break? Where's my Starbucks? Someone get me Starbucks
We don't have time for this. Bring in the next contestant so we can tell them how awful they sound
Question 4/10
How do you unwind after a tiring evening of auditioning
You have so much energy it's hard to unwind, so you just go home and dance, dance, dance!
Count your money
Listening to the neighborhood dogs howl. You want to make sure they are still better singers than some of the contestants
Posting pictures to social media, letting people know you are beautiful just the way you are
Question 5/10
It's time for bootcamp. What are you looking for in a contestant?
The smell of money
Someone with the potential to be strong and confident who will give you the opportunity to share your story, again and again and again
They are all so great. You are just going to let them all through
Bootcamp? Will I be able to buy a cute new pair of boots here?
Question 6/10
What advice to give to all of the eliminated contestants after failing to make it through bootcamp?
What does "eliminated" mean?
Just keep trying, you are a superstar. You're gonna make it, kid!
Don't quit your day job, especially if your day job is making people's ears bleed
You let them know it will be okay because you've been through the same thing, and look at you now
Question 7/10
They've made it through bootcamp and it's time for your house guests. In what setting do you feel most comfortable meeting with them?
someplace very Zen, but still cool. A place that says I'm wise but trendy
First you have to choose which mansion, than you can choose the exact room
What? People are coming over to my house?
You prefer to not have commoners in your home. You request to meet at a hotel instead
Question 8/10
The live shows have started and you are excited to show off your star style. What do you wear to wow the crowd?
As little clothes as possible. Make sure to show off that tummy!
Something similar to a Broadway costume. Lace, frills and tons of bling!
Black T-shirt and jeans. That's really all you have in closet anyway
It depends on what color your hair might be that night
Question 9/10
A close family friend asks for tickets to attend the show live. How do you react to the request
Give them 20 tickets. It is so hard for you to say no
What show? You're a judge? You thought you were a contestant on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune
Absolutely not! Doing nice things just feels so unnatural to you
Sure--for a small fee. You're all about making a buck
Question 10/10
It's down to the final two and the winner is announced. What do you say to the losing contestant
Give them a contract, too. Twice the talent means twice the money
Offer them a job as a back-up performer on your Comeback Tour
Reassure them that America made the right choice by saying "You never would have made it anyway."
Remind them that you failed a couple times too, but you pulled through and they will too
You are Simon Cowell
You have a bold personality and a quick wit to match. You know what you like and what you don't like and you aren't afraind to speak your mind. People know that if they want an honest opinion they can come to you. Careful, your words can sometimes sting, even though you know that honesty is always the best policy.
You are LA Reid
You are an ultra-classy individual who knows how to get things done. Whether it's business or personal you always know the next move to make and you always come out on top. Underneath your suave exterior you have a kind heart and you like to help others just as much as you like to help yourself!
You are Britney Spears
You lead a busy life and you depend on others to take care of many of the details. You might not always be exactly certain of where you should be or what you should be doing, and judging contestants can get a bit complicated. The important thing is: you always look like a million bucks doing it!
You are Paula Abdul
You are a super positive person who never has a mean thing to say about anyone. In fact, you are so nice that it is often hard for you to recognize faults, let alone point them out. It might be difficult for you to judge people because you'd rather stay true to your sweet spirit which is better in the long run!

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