Fun Fact About Flowers.

The largest Flower in the world is the flower of the Puya raimondii, which has a flower stalk 35,000 feet tall and bears over 8,000 white flowers.


When is the best time to enjoy flowers?
What a silly question? You should always enjoy flowers.
Flowers are extremely important for important events, like weddings and anniversaries.
Flowers are wonderful additions to add a bit of beauty and decoration.
Flowers are a great way to add some pop to otherwise dull settings.
Flowers are important for heartfelt expression.
Not All Flowers Smell Good.

One of the world's rarest, smelliest, and strangest-looking flowers is the titan arum or the corpse flower. People call it the corpse flower because it smells like a rotting dead body. The bloom is over 8 feet tall and 12 feet in circumference. They smell like rotting flesh to attract flies, their preferred pollinator. People used to pass out from the smell!

Tulip Fans Are Easy To Please

If tulips are your favorite flowers, there’s a good chance you’re incredibly positive, laid back, and have tons of close friends. The tulip can bloom on the chilliest days and is also the most sunshiny. It cheerfully goes with the flow, quite directly following the sunshine.